REFUND POLICY offers many different products to our clients; each product has its own Refund Policy. All our sales material will have a link clearly indicated to our Policies page. You must contact our Customer Support staff directly to receive this refund offer.

All products sold by or on behalf of will have a link to our Refund Policies page. All Order Forms and Checkout Forms will also clearly indicate a link to our Refund Policies page. Some of our products carry a 30 day money back guarantee providing certain conditions are proven; these conditions are clearly stated on our Refund Policies page.

All live training courses that are provided instantly upon enrollment have a No Refund Policy. Our Policy for these courses is clearly stated in our Contract for enrollment.

All subscription products carry a No Refund Policy only offer a Cancellation Policy, which would be clearly indicated with a link to our Cancellation Policy page.

  1. Our products have a strict 30 day Action Takers Refund Policy provided certain conditions are proven, which is as follows:
  2. The client has viewed all the content provided;
  3. The client must have had contact with our Customer Support via email if he/she encountered a problem with the product;
  4. The client must make an honest attempt to apply all the steps the product requires in order to succeed. If our support staff clearly determines that the client did not follow product instructions, directions and have not applied reasonable effort our staff reserves the right to deny any refund.
  5. Reasonable effort is determined by the following: Client’s ability to show daily work performance during the 30 days following date of products purchase.
  6. All conditions for meeting our Action Takers Refund Policy must be provided by the client together with the Refund Request Form to our Customer Support staff via email
  7. The client cannot request refund for a product due to the same product being giving away as a future bonus under new terms and conditions. Client can request cancellation under the old terms and understands that he will lose any account data herein to cancelled account. Client will have to re subscribe to the product under the NEW terms provided to receive the product as a bonus.

Please contact support at