As I’m sure you already know…

Health is the MOST important thing that any serious fancier needs to know and understand in order to be and stay competitive in the sport of pigeon racing.

Without good health even the most expensive and winning birds WON’T win races. So health should be the main priority and focus of any fancier no matter if they’re brand new to the sport or a seasoned vet.

And in this post, I’m going to prove it to you.

I want to share with you a story from one of our members named Jeremy about how when he switched to focusing on health his results changed for the better.

Of course… with a little help from a veteran in the sport.

Make sure you read this post in its entirety because at the end we are going to give you a chance to get access to the EXACT health program that Jeremy used to develop champion pigeons and become known as “The Protege” in his club.

So without further ado, here’s his story…

Hi my name is Jeremy and I have been racing pigeons for over 6 years now, but don’t worry seasoned vets… I can already hear you saying… “I’m not listening to this youngblood!” but this story applies to you as well.

Like any new fancier I struggled my first year in the sport.

You know, normal newbie stuff like…

-Trying to get the training and nutrition right

-Trying to get my birds to clock and arrive home faster

-Trying and testing new racing systems hoping it would make a difference

And the list goes on and on but I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about.

Long story short my first year in the sport didn’t go so well but I did learn a lot in the process and gained a bunch of experience.

My second year I did better but was still no champion however I was definitely having a much better time. I remember thinking to myself if I could just get my hands on some better birds then I would be able to become a force to be reckoned with in my club.

Not so long after one of the champion fanciers whom I looked up to in my club announced that he was leaving the sport due to health issues and was liquidating his loft. I jumped at the opportunity and purchased a few of his proven winning birds that had a long and consistent history of winning races.

Now armed with these proven birds I thought I had hit the jackpot and was ready to make my 3rd year in the sport a winning one.

But unfortunately that wasn’t the case…

Turns out just having proven winning pigeons DOESN’T guarantee your success.

I used the new champion stock as breeders and raced the young and still no success.

This went on for a while until I got tired of it and reached out to the fancier that I purchased the champion birds from. Being a lifelong fancier he was happy to hear from me and talk pigeons so he agreed to come over and check out my birds and setup.

We had a great time and by the end of the day he determined that my birds were not in racing condition and strong health (even though they looked healthy to the naked eye). He actually looked at me and said jokingly… “What the hell did you do to my birds!”

We laughed and over the next few weeks he took me under his wing and shared with me his health program that he used to get his birds in race winning condition before every race.

Being that I witnessed him dominate our clubs rankings in the past I knew he knew exactly what he was talking about so I happily turned into a sponge and soaked up every piece of advice he gave me and implemented it into my loft and birds.

The very next year my results changed forever…

Because of his help and guidance my pigeons were stronger and healthier than ever and even my mediocre birds were beating out other’s so called champions.

And every year after my birds got better and better and I did indeed become that force that all others in my club strived to beat.

Some of the guys in my club nicknamed me “The Protege” because they knew I was secretly working with my mentor.

But I don’t share my story with you to brag…

I share it with you because after years of being successful in this sport I want to return the favor that my mentor gave me and help others to do the same.

But more importantly I want to help you to help your pigeons become the strongest, fastest and most competitive that they can be and get them to their true peak physical condition and in perfect flying condition for race day.

And lastly I want to help you become the FORCE to be reckoned with in your club or combine just like I was lucky enough to become.

And I’m going to do it today by giving you the exact same health program and system that my mentor gave to me a few years ago that allowed me to take his place and dominate our clubs standings.

Until now this system has only been seen and used by 3 people… My mentor’s father, my mentor and me, and has given us all great success, and now I want to give it to you for the above reasons and to help you develop super healthy, race winning pigeons and DOMINATE your club and combine like I have.

I call it The Winning Health Blueprint

The Winning Health Blueprint is the exact health program and system that my mentor shared with me that literally changed my results and bird’s condition almost overnight.

My pigeons became healthier, happier, more active and FASTER after using this proven health blueprint in my own loft.

This is literally the EXACT health blueprint that my mentor used throughout his long and successful racing career and gave to me to ensure that all of our birds remained in top form and ready on race day.Here are just a few of the things covered inside this health program…

Health is THE most important ingredient to becoming a successful and winning pigeon fancier HANDS DOWN!

An unhealthy bird will NEVER be successful and the same goes for
fanciers who don’t keep health a top priority in their loft.

So if you want to win more races then you NEED to focus on health!

and the Winning Health Blueprint is the exact blueprint to help you do that.
You can get full access to this Winning Health Blueprint by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed that story and I look forward to hearing your’s!