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**1st** 170 miles (91 lofts, 452 birds)
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**1st** 320 miles (83 lofts, 776 birds)
**2nd** 305 miles (122 lofts, 1495 birds)
**2nd** 214 miles (141 lofts, 693 birds)
**1st, 3rd & 9th** 120 miles (13 lofts, 181 birds)

**1st - 7th, 8th** (95 Birds +Combine Winner)

Knowledge is the change maker you need to change your results around!

Trying to do it this way has an extremely high failure rate!

It’s even one of the main reasons why the sport is declining and membership levels all over the world are at an all-time low.

Here’s how it usually goes…

A fancier enters the sport with no experience or knowledge.

They end up spending a boat load of money right out of the gate getting started, building a loft, buying birds and supplies and entering birds into races just to name a few.

And sadly, after all that they usually continue to struggle and don’t see any results, many times never even cracking the clubs race sheets.

After about 2 years of trial and error and throwing money away with poor results and “trying” helplessly to get it to work they usually end up quitting the sport all together by their second year and picking up a more fulfilling sport and hobby.

This method is simply too risky, takes too long and costs a ton of money and even after all that there is still a very high possibility of continued frustration and failure.

Long story short… I simply NEVER recommend using the “Trial and Error” method to any fancier because it’s a recipe for disaster.

But there is a better way…

I call it the Mentor Method.

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