Champion winning pigeon fancier shows you how to...

"Increase Your Lofts Win Rate and Get Your Birds Flying 4x Faster"

Our Advanced Pigeon Racing Strategies Will Have Your Birds Flying Faster, Shave Valuable Minutes Off Their Time And Consistently Help You Win More Races.

From The Loft Of Winning Fancier and Mentor Bob Evans Jr,

Dear Fellow Fancier and Friend...

If you have been struggling to place in races, frustrated with the results you have gotten so far maybe even getting ready to quit the sport all together then WAIT,... this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

I know how frustrating it can be to spend so much time, money and effort with your pigeons, only to have all your hopes and dreams crushed on race day when your birds don't place or even worse, never make it back at all.

I have personally been in your shoes that's why I'm so glad you stopped by today because....

I'm here to tell you that...

"It doesn't have to be that way, you too can be a winner!"

Hi, my name is Bob Evans Jr.

champion winning pigeon racer, pigeon racing coach and mentor and lover of the sport.

Over the last 10 years I have accomplished everything that a fancier could ever want to in this sport.

I have won races, awards and accolades at every level in only a very short period of time and my birds have sold for top dollar and are some of the most sought after birds in the world.

I have developed a renowned world-class racing loft and legendary pigeons who have absolutely dominated every race they have entered.

And over the past 8 years I’ve probably been responsible with helping more fanciers succeed in this sport than anyone else on the planet.

But I don’t tell you this to brag, I tell you this because…

I want to help you get the same exact results in your own loft!!

Just take a look at some of the results other fanciers like you have achieved following my advice...

**1st** 170 miles (91 lofts, 452 birds)
**1st** 400 miles (91 lofts, 855 birds)
**1st** 320 miles (83 lofts, 776 birds)
**2nd** 305 miles (122 lofts, 1495 birds)
**2nd** 214 miles (141 lofts, 693 birds)
**1st, 3rd & 9th** 120 miles (13 lofts, 181 birds)

But here's the secret...

There's only 1 thing that separates YOU from getting consistent winning results like these...

That’s right!

Just 1 thing is keeping you from getting the results you have always dreamed of in this sport.

But don’t worry because in a minute I am going to tell you what that one thing is and how to implement it into your own loft starting as soon as today.

So are you ready?...

Good, let’s get started!

The one thing that separates you from the champions and consistently winning races and getting the dominate results you want is...


I know it sounds simple but knowledge is one of the major things that separates a winning fancier from one who continues to struggle.

In fact, knowledge was a huge factor to the fanciers who received the results above.

Once I showed them how to properly build, run and manage a winning racing loft they were able to put that new knowledge to work for themselves and within a very short period of time were able to completely turn their results around.

You see once you have the knowledge needed to be successful in this sport then you can use that knowledge to gain experience to dominate!

But it all starts with knowledge.

  • Knowledge allows you to be able to spot and pick the very best birds
  • Knowledge allows you to train and motivate those birds to become winners
  • Knowledge allows you to breed your winners to really develop depth in your loft
  • Knowledge allows you to give your birds the proper nutrition they need to compete at their absolute peak physical levels.
  • Knowledge allows you to edge out your competitors and simply consistently win races.

Without knowledge... you’re simply guessing and hoping.

Knowledge is the change maker you need to change your results around!

But I’m sure you may be asking yourself...

How do I get the knowledge to begin consistently winning races and become a leading fancier in the sport?

Well there’s actually two ways…

For starters...

You can take it upon yourself and rely on the trial and error method and hope that you stumble upon the “Ah-Ha” moment where it clicks for you and you can turn that experience into a system where you begin consistently winning races.

This option is how 95% of the fanciers who get into the sport try and do it.

But here’s the ugly truth about doing it the “trial and error” way…

Trying to do it this way has an extremely high failure rate!

It’s even one of the main reasons why the sport is declining and membership levels all over the world are at an all-time low.

Here’s how it usually goes…

A fancier enters the sport with no experience or knowledge.

They end up spending a boat load of money right out of the gate getting started, building a loft, buying birds and supplies and entering birds into races just to name a few.

And sadly, after all that they usually continue to struggle and don’t see any results, many times never even cracking the clubs race sheets.

After about 2 years of trial and error and throwing money away with poor results and “trying” helplessly to get it to work they usually end up quitting the sport all together by their second year and picking up a more fulfilling sport and hobby.

This method is simply too risky, takes too long and costs a ton of money and even after all that there is still a very high possibility of continued frustration and failure.

Long story short… I simply NEVER recommend using the “Trial and Error” method to any fancier because it’s a recipe for disaster.

But there is a better way…

I call it the Mentor Method.

With this method a fancier simply finds an experienced and knowledgeable fancier that is already consistently getting the results that they want and they ask them to mentor them and take them under their wing.

This method has a much higher success rate simply because you are learning a system that has already been proven to work.

This is the method that I usually recommend to new and struggling fanciers or fanciers who are not getting the results that they want.

In fact it is the same method that I used to help countless fanciers go from struggling to getting the results you saw above.

But even though this method has a very high success rate, it also has a very big problem.

And that problem is…

It is almost impossible to find experienced and knowledgeable fanciers that are willing to share their knowledge with other flyers, especially flyers within the same club or combine.

Experienced fanciers have this idea in their head that they need to keep their knowledge a secret in order to not make more competition for themselves.

This theory is the reason why you see the same small group of fanciers dominating the clubs and combines.

I personally love competition and love helping a watching other fanciers do well, that is why over the past 8 years I’ve probably been responsible with helping more fanciers succeed in this sport than anyone else on the planet.

But sadly most fanciers don’t have this way of thinking.

Now I know you may be thinking…

“But Bob, both of those methods have way more worst sides then good, what should I do?”

And that is where I stumbled upon a third much more successful method of winning in this sport.

Like I said before I love competition, I feel as though but me helping other fanciers it helps me step my game up. I mean really, why even be involved in this sport if no one in your club can even compete with you.

Anyway, because of this mentality I quickly became the “go-to” guy for other fanciers in my club and combine to be mentored.

And I absolutely loved it!

Fanciers would come to my loft and I would go to theirs, I would teach them everything I knew about the sport.

It was a win-win for me…

I got to “talk pigeons” which I loved while at the same time helping other fanciers excel in the sport and not before long my club and combine became one of the most competitive around.

I loved it because fanciers had smiles on their faces because they were finally getting results and because of the increase in competition everyone was busy trying to out due everyone else.

It was so exciting and required everyone to continually step their games up, and it’s because of this that my club and combine produced some of the most amazing and hard to beat fanciers in the world and everyone was having a blast and every race day was electrifying to say the least.

It embodied everything somebody looks for in a sport and hobby.

Fun, exciting, thrilling, competitive and enjoyable all wrapped up into one.

Our club and combine became the talk of the local pigeon racing community and even outside of it.

And then one day I received an email from a long distance fancier.

In that email he expressed his frustration that he was experiencing in the sport, he said he was trying to learn the ropes but couldn’t seem to get ahead. He was basically using the “Trial and Error” method.

And then he said that he had heard how great the members in our club and combine were doing and he wanted to know what he could do.

Naturally I emailed him right back because again I love talking pigeons and I shared with him my views on trying to do things the trial and error way just like I did with you today.

And then I went on to tell him that his best bet would be to find a winning fancier in his club and ask if they could mentor him because it has the highest success rate and to keep me posted on his success. He loved the idea and said he would keep me posted.

About a week later I received another email from the same fancier, thinking it was an email saying thank you for the idea and that he had found a mentor and was on track to have his best year yet I opened it with enthusiasm.

But sadly that was far from the case…

The email went on to say how he was even more frustrated because he had been turned down from every fancier he asked for one reason or another and was ready to throw in the towel all together.

That email really got to me because I hate to hear anyone thinking about quitting the sport.

Now because we lived so far apart I couldn’t personally mentor him myself which is what I would have immediately done if he were close.

But I didn’t want him to give up so I did something that I have never done before. I offered to mentor him long distance.

But I offered to do it under one condition

That once he began getting success and doing well that he would mentor others who asked for his help. And he quickly agreed.

Now because of the distance and us not being able to personally get together I told him to give me a few weeks and I would write everything down that I wanted him to do and send it to him.

And over the course of the next few weeks and months he followed what I had written and we kept in contact through email.

And just like those I had mentored in the past his results changed and he had quickly become one of the leaders in his club.

That day a light bulb went off in my head and I experienced my own “Ah-Ha” moment. I knew that from that point on I had the power to help literally any fancier get the results of their dreams no matter where they were in the world.

So I ask you…

How would you like to copy this exact racing blueprint and duplicate these results for yourself?

How would you like to get your hands on the same exact system I use in my own champion winning loft as well as the same system that I have used to mentor countless fanciers to go from struggling to winning in the shortest amount of time possible?

No more trial and error and trying to figure it out on your own and no more begging fanciers to mentor you only to receive that “get away from me” look.

So today for a very limited time I have decided to release my system to the rest of the pigeon racing community. The same system that I gave to the fancier who emailed me desperately looking for help and quickly changing his results.

But this will only be available for a very short time and only for a VERY small number of fanciers on a first come first serve basis. And once we hit our limit it will be closed to the public.

I am doing this simply because I want to keep the integrity of the system while at the same time making sure that those who get in get results.

So today I introduce you to my...



Now you can copy the exact racing system that I use in my own loft as well as the same racing system that I give all of my students for massive results and use it to duplicate these results for yourself in your own loft.

My Digital Mentor System will help you mimic the Ace fanciers and champion lofts and get the same winning results that they do year after year.

No more trial and error, frustration, mediocre results and failure.

No more tirelessly begging other fanciers to help you.

My Digital Mentor Pigeon Racing System will get you on the fast track to success.

The Digital Mentor was developed to help struggling and frustrated fanciers, I too have been in your shoes and know all too well the pitfalls you are going through.

I want you to see exactly what has worked so well for me, and for so many other successful fanciers that I have had the pleasure of meeting and mentoring. I'm confident you'll then see for yourself how this can take your results in a completely new direction. A very exciting and winning direction.

I am going to show you the same loft tested techniques and race winning strategies that the champion pigeon fanciers are using right now as we speak and how you can clone these techniques and strategies to work for you!

My Advanced “Digital Mentor” Pigeon Racing System is truly one of the most comprehensive guides that you will ever find on winning in this sport and will help you no matter what your experience level is.

It was designed using my proven “Winning Pigeon Racing Process” where I guide you through each of the 5 winning pillars of pigeon racing, these 5 pillars are The Loft, Stock and Selection, Feeding and Nutrition, Breeding and Mating and Training and Conditioning.

Here is just some of what's covered inside this program…


The loft is an integral and absolutely vital part to any winning fanciers success get it wrong and your results could be doomed from the start. Consider your loft the training center where all the magic happens and where the champion strategies are developed.

In this section you will learn…

  • You will learn how to build the "love" of the loft into your birds because it is one of the biggest factors to getting your birds to return home at lightning speed.
  • We will also show you killer loft management and planning techniques that will allow you to seriously cut down on maintenance time and optimize your loft for success
  • Exactly what a winning loft consists of and what you need to have your own champion level loft... everything from loft fixtures to ventilation.
  • Race tested tips and techniques to help optimize the performance of your loft.
  • Loft management techniques to keep your loft and birds organized and ready for a winning race season.
  • How your loft plays a major role in the success of your race season.


Your loft is only as good as the birds that are in it and when you fill your loft with proven birds your chances of success actually triple. In this section you are going to learn where to find proven birds to fill your loft with, how to find birds that breed winners and how to become a pro when it comes to selecting and evaluating stock.

In this section you will learn…

  • The importance of foundation birds and how they determine your success.
  • How to distinguish between Long distance birds and sprinters
  • Where to find winning birds to fill your loft with and what to look for.
  • What the characteristics of a strong racer are and how to spot them as well as what characteristics to totally avoid.
  • How to properly evaluate birds that will help you pinpoint birds with the best chances of winning races.


Proper feeding and nutrition is one of the most important keys to becoming a winning pigeon fancier, without it nothing else really matters. Just like any other athlete racing pigeons absolutely need to have proper nutrition in order to perform at their peak physical levels.

In this section you will learn…

  • The winning nutritional requirements of a champion pigeon.
  • The role of nutrition in the performance and health of your team.
  • How to properly feed your birds during the specific points in their life cycle
  • Nutrition and feeding requirements for breeding, moult and off-season, training and racing and old birds.
  • Proteins, fats and carbs and how to use them properly to energize your birds.


Breeding and mating is one of the most important aspects to pigeon racing and something that cannot be overlooked and is the secret to having longevity in the sport. In this section I am going to show you the insider breeding techniques that will allow you to consistently win races year after year and build out your own champion strain of race winning birds.

In this section you will learn…

  • Why master breeders are so successful and how to copy them in your own breeding loft.
  • The crucial ingredients to a successful breeding season.
  • Pitfalls to look out for while breeding to keep you on track to success.
  • Pairing techniques to help you couple the best breeding pairs.
  • Making a plan and establishing flying goals.
  • Winning Breeding techniques and strategies to live by.


A properly trained athlete is a strong athlete and a strong athlete is a fast one and this holds especially true in pigeon racing, In order to get your birds flying home at lightning speed they need to be properly trained and conditioned to do so. I am going to show you the winning strategies to get your birds returning home at lightning speed as well as quickly getting them into peak physical condition.

In this section you will learn…

  • The 4 critical elements to get out of your training sessions.
  • How to condition your birds for peak physical performance.
  • Race winning training techniques the pros use for consistent winning results.
  • Simple strategies to quickly get you birds ready for race season.
  • How to build a strong relationship and bond with your birds through training.
  • How to build your birds confidence and motivation.
  • My winning training and conditioning schedules.
  • Winning racing and training system walkthroughs.

I want YOU to be my next Success Story!

Like I said earlier in this letter, The “Digital Mentor” Pigeon Racing System was developed to help any fancier become a competitive force in this sport.

So how much would this kind of winning “Insider” information be worth to you?

Well I can’t speak for you but I can tell you from experience after wasting thousands of my own dollars and years and years of trial and error in this sport.

To me, this information is priceless! And I certainly wish there was something like this when I started in this sport.

Now if I had to put an actual dollar amount on it I would say that this information has easily cost me over $10,000 to acquire it over the years and that is being super conservative. And honestly, knowing what I know now if I could go back in time and this program was available then I would easily pay $1,000 for it.

And without a doubt this Digital Mentor System is easily worth the average price of a bird today which is around $200, considering this system is designed to help you win more races with those birds.

Now of course you’re not going to have to invest $10,000 or even $1,000 which this program is easily worth. Just a few wins with this program will easily give you a return on that investment.

And you’re not even going to have to invest $200 the price of an average bird for this information.

Just think of how much you have spent in this sport so far, you’re a fancier, you know the costs, it’s expensive to say the least. Wouldn’t you spend even $100 to get the proven plan that would help you lower your costs and win more races?

This program has cost me countless years of my life which I can never get back developing it and thousands and thousands of my own dollars on trial and error fine tuning it. But even though this system is worth every penny and more I created it to help fanciers. And with the already astronomical costs a fancier has to deal with in the sport pricing it that much just wouldn’t be helpful.

I’m a fancier too!

I know what it’s like and what you’re going through.

And because of my love for the sport and my love for mentoring other fanciers I have decided to lower the investment into the Digital Mentor System to a no-brainer price of only a one-time payment of $37.

So for the cost of a couple of pies of pizza you can get the exact winning racing plan that has helped countless fanciers get their birds into super racing form and increase their lofts win rate.

This is easily one of the best investments you can make in the sport.

But I want to take it even further and actually remove all the risk on your part and make this a no-brainer decision for you.

I am extremely proud of this product and I know your gonna absolutely love it. I wanted to take 100% of the risk away, so if at any time within 60 days you feel you are not completely satisfied with this product simply let me know and I will give you a full refund.

I know your going to find this product extremely valuable, once you see whats inside! and if not just let me know and you will get all of your investment back, no questions asked!

So now there is literally NO REASON not to invest in this program and put it to work for yourself, it is 100% risk free.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will love the Digital Mentor System and its contents that I’m prepared to make you a no-lose risk free guarantee. If you don’t feel the program is right for you for any reason than simply let us know within 60 days and we will happily send every penny of your investment back to you.

No Questions Asked

So you have 2 choices you can make...

You can continue wasting your hard earned money (easily 30x the price of this program) and continue wasting your precious time trying to figure it all out on your own through trial and error. You can also continue to be frustrated and being turned down from every other fancier who wants to keep their strategies a secret while they continue to beat you race after race.


You can save years of your life and thousands of dollars on trial and error and invest in this program and get the proven race winning plan that has been fined tuned for you over the years literally handed to you in a step-by-step system that you can easily follow for only $37.

The choice is yours!

So if you’re ready to get started you can get instant access to the “Digital Mentor Pigeon Racing System” by clicking the button below.

Only $37

get access now

Whatever choice you make, I just want to say that I’m rooting for you and look forward to seeing your name at the tops of the race sheets.

Your friend and Mentor in the sport,

-Bob Evans Jr